• Odd CPU activity

    I recently bought a new machine, and everything seems to be running fine–except, I keep having this problem with CPU activity. As you can see from the enclosed jpgs, all eight cores can be running at 40 percent, yet there’s nothing obvious running in the system monitor. I’m not sure what’s happening. If I shut down all open programs and leave it a while, it usually stops, and it’s a purely intermittent problem, but I’m out of ideas as to what could be happening. It doesn’t happen under Windows 10, and it’s nothing as daft as the CPU activity being at the bottom of the monitor. In fact, I’ve included a picture of top to show the same result via a different monitor. Any idea what could be happening?

    Out of curiosity, I ran a stress test on my machine, and everything seems to be running great. My computer details are in my signature.

    Many thanks!

    P.S. There are two jpegs below: for some reason only one of them shows as expanded. You need to click on the other one.

    0_1451162727424_Screenshot at 2015-12-26 19:29:42.jpg
    0_1451162736951_Screenshot at 2015-12-26 20:32:49.jpg

  • If you have a look at your image you see that Chrome (and a whole bunch of tabs and probably some Chrome apps running in background is/are using up a lot there).
    Same with Skype. Lots of apps running at the same time. Do you need so much running at the same time?
    Why not disable running apps inside Chrome (if you are not already doing that)?
    That would definitely help.

    If you ran a stress test and all came out OK, then I would say your machine is fine.

    You said yourself that after you stopped all running programs that this weird CPU activity stops. So, only knowing what I read from your post, and looking at your images, I would conjecture it’s the amount of apps/open browser tabs/browser apps running in background that you are running.

    I see that you are also running Nvidia. Does your fan go haywire when you are working on your machine? I know mine does on one of my OS where I, when playing a game that requires the latest version of Open GL (nVidia more like), the fan goes way out too lunch. CPU too.

  • I’ve worked out what the problem is, it’s the thunar-video-thumbnailer in Caja. I’ve started a thread about it here.


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