• kmail vs thunderbird ?


    which one u prefer? i want to use kmail but this kwallet is really mess. i keep it disabled coz it interferes with my network manager. i use usb huawei dongle for internet and when i create a usb data connection this kwallet box keeps on appearing and asking to store password in kwallet.
    usb mobile broadband password is global password and not some kind of secret confidential password which i want to store in kwallet.
    i even stored this password in kwallet but when i want to connect my usb dongle internet it prompts for password again and again and even if enter twice it fails to connect.

    how to exclude kwallet only for my network manager. i want to use kwallet only for my kmail but cant keep it enabled coz its pop up for network manager continuosly.

    i use thunderbird coz we dont need kwallet for it. i want to ask if thunderbird is safe compared to kmail. will my email password stored safely in thunderbird?

  • I agree that kwallet is pretty annoying. I believe that at one point it got so annoying to me that I uninstalled the thing.

  • @Sam-N @Modisc

    Set kwallet with a blank password it won’t bother you again.

  • i deleted the wallet in wallet manager and disabled my kde wallet subsystem.
    also uninstalled kmail and all all organizer and calendar and connected apps through octopoi.
    kmail is also wonderful email client based on qt. but thunderbird is easier to handle and simpler password management system. at least it doesn’t annoy u again n again like kwallet.
    it asks for master password only once on boot.

    i hope kde dev will make this kwallet more user friendly and trouble free in future.

  • @Sam-N
    I agree with you that there are definitly some elements of the KDE DE that could be improved upon. Definitly the kwallet and also some of the deps for KDE apps. You want to remove just one app and a whole boat load of deps and other KDE apps depend on just one app because of it’s deps.

    Good to know about the blank password. That I didn’t know. 👍

  • what u mean blank password works.?

    i have 3 emails accounts. gmail, yahoomail and hotmail. when i configure imap account for all 3 in kmail then kwallet will ask for password for all 3 which it can safely store in encrypted form in the wallet.
    there are 2 option comes for storing password. i only use first option of kwallet whch is classic blowfish . i dont use other option which is Gnupg coz idont have much idea to create signing key and all that stuff.
    if i put blank password then how my smtp and imap server will work dude ??

  • @Sam-N
    As @Wyn he mentioned that you set a blank password inside Kwallet. That’s what he is talking about.

  • @Modisc does that work for u ? have u tried kmail ?

  • @Sam-N
    I have not tried with Kmail. I don’t like it either. It might be great for some people but speaking for myself only, no. I don’t prefer to use it. I’d just as soon as uninstall it over an install of Thunderbird.
    I also prefer to use Thunderbird, It is more straightforward and easier to utilize.
    Kmail is about as crazy to use as Ktorrent.

  • @Modisc dude kmail is improved and have lot of customization. i would always prefer kmail coz its qt based and part of kde programme. but unfortunately kwallet which drives me nut. so there is no other option than to abandon it.

  • but what’s the question? 😕

  • @Modisc what consumes more cpu and memory ? kmail or thunderbird?

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