• How to resize windows after placing them with `Super+Left/Right`

    I am quite new to Antergos and I am liking what I have seen far. I recently just managed to get nice font display following the first step of the manjaro guide and installing yaourt -S freetype2-ubuntu fontconfig-ubuntu cairo-ubuntu.

    The only remaining issue I am encountering is that after placing a window to the left or right of the screen using Super+Left or Super+Right, it is impossible to grab the edge of this window and resize it horizontally. Using the Alt+F8 resize shortcut does not work either.

    Is this a know problem in Gnome or is it specific to Antergros or maybe even my machine? Is there anything I can do to fix it? A usual workflow for me is to put a window to the left or right of the screen and then making it a little bit wider when the webpage require horizontal scrolling, so this is quite a nuisance.

  • The behavior you are experiencing is due to how window states are handled I believe the window tiling code is being rewritten and should hopefully resolve this issue in the near future.

  • Thank you for the information. I tried a few workarounds (the extensions gTiles and PutWindows), but nothing really worked they way I wanted. This is such a big part of my workflow, that I will have to use another DE (since the initial bug report is so old, I imagine a fix might take a while).

    I have been through, KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate and XCFE now and I still can’t find one that fits me as well as Unity (I know, I’m special). Maybe I should just try to get Unity working on Antergos…

  • @cheflo Have you tried openbox? You may be able to customize the window snapping so it snaps to the size you need (with out you having to rezise it.)

  • Actually, after trying to get used to KDE and XCFE, and a short escapade in the land of tiling window managers, I am back on Gnome. The key is that I now managed to install PutWindows correctly by downloading the zip from the github page instead of by enabling it from the gnome-shell homepage (which does not work for me with any extension…).

    PutWindows makes the first +Left/Right snap the window to the respective side and resize it to 50% of the screen width, the second press resizes it to 66% and the third to 34% (percentages can be modified). It also uses a different command for resizing so the window can be resized with the mouse even when it is a 50% (which is what was not working for me initially). Now I can continue my migration to Antergos as my main OS!

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