• Transparent 2px space between panel and maximized windows


    Since about a month ago after an update I’ve had a 2px space between my panel and maximized windows, through which I can see my wallpaper. This is what it looks like: 0_1451077481441_cinnamon_default.png When I first experienced it, I was super busy, and so I shamefully didn’t note what was it that updated that caused this issue. When I hover over an opened window on the panel, it expands to fill the space above it like this:

    This issue is obviously not the end of the world but having got accustomed to the otherwise visually perfect interface of Numix-Cinnamon, I find it quite annoying. My problem is that I don’t know for sure what’s causing it, i.e. to which developers I should report a bug (I know it’s a bug because a friend of mine is experiencing the same issue). Can someone please help me diagnose it? Is it perhaps a numix-cinnamon problem? If so, where do I officially report it since the github project doesn’t accept issues?

    Edit: Could this commit be relevant?

    Thank you!

  • @jirkavebr If you use a different theme is it still there?

  • @Fedorai-Zomakaja Oh, silly me, I hadn’t tried that. But I have now: It actually is only a problem for the Numix-Frost theme. Both regular Cinnamon as well as Numix-Cinnamon work just fine. I’m going to open an issue on Numix-Frost.

    Thank you for the suggestion! :)

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