• LMMS - VST Support?

    My son composes using LMMS. He uses Vestige with LMMS on Ubuntu on his aging laptop. I built him a new PC for Christmas running Antergos with the thinking, “hey, he can stay up to date and not have to do a reinstall everytime Ubuntu or Mint does a new release.”

    I preinstalled LMMS, not realizing that Vestige was not present.

    I can find all kinds of instructions for getting Vestige working with LMMS for Ubuntu variants, but not so much for Arch/Antergos.

    Help me salvage this??


  • @Myk-Robinson :

    I searched what was LMMS and VeSTige and is seem vestige is just for developers to create .vst files wich are supported by LMMS. When lunching first LMMS it ask you if you want to add sync of vst files.

    I think thats what you are searching.

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