• Bugs I've found so far with Plasma in cnchi installer

    CNCHI_VERSION = "0.12.47"

    Cursor Theme:

    Installed: Numix, Numix-Light, Numix-Square, Numix-Square-Light.
    Breeze is set as default.


    Numix, Numix-Light, Numix-Square, Numix-Square-Light is installed.
    Breeze is set as default.

    Widget Style Gnome/GTK applications:

    Numix-Frost, Numix-Frost-Light installed for GTK2 and GTK3.
    Breeze is set to default.

    Desktop Effects:

    Wobbly Windows not installed and enabled by default. (😡 )


    Antergos wallpaper not an option to select. Should be included and set as default.

    Missing applications:

    Ksuperkey for using Windows key to open launcher.

    Packages that should be replaced:

    Pamac should be removed for Octopi. Reasoning: Qt desktop should get Qt package manager.


    Why have PulseAudio volume control installed when Kmix and Plasma Audio volume settings do the same thing?

  • @Wyn how is it working for you? ive got it in vb and the menu bar keeps vanishing when clicking on it. cant open anything up.

    update i turned off 3d in vbox and running more stable. havent used vbox in a while.

    on a side note that kde default wallpaper is horrible 😀

  • @megaman

    the menu bar keeps vanishing

    What you mean by menu bar? The top bar in applications? I’ve been testing this in Virtualbox myself, I use base install for actual hardware. Gave the Vm 4gb of ram and two cores.

    I like the default wallpaper, looks nice for a lockscreen.

  • @Wyn it was the taskbar that kept vanishing but after i turned off 3d support its fine now. i also gave 4gb ram. so far so good just playing around with some options.

    i gotta say i prefer the alternative menu. very nice!


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