• Cannot Connect to DSL connection from Antergos Live

    I have downloaded two ISO’s (Minimal and Full). When i am trying to connect my DSL connection, i can’t find Option to add DSL from network manager of Gnome. But at Minimal ISO, i have a option for DSL, but it’s ends with a error.

    Now what can i do? Can anyone tell me the process of connecting my DSL connection to Antergos live Gnome?n

  • @ray6an1 do you have the option to set the ppoe login and password in your modem or router? i find that is the best route.

  • @megaman I have no router or modem. is there any proper way?

  • how do you get dsl without a modem? what is your compuuter plugged in too?

  • @megaman my computer is connected via cable. In i have used ubuntu and manjaro for many years. For them i needed to open the network manager and add DSL connection (by giving user name, password and mac address).

  • Hi,

    Try running the following commands and then see if you are able to configure and connect to your DSL.:

    sudo pacman -S  rp-pppoe
    sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

    Let me know how it goes. Cheers!

  • @lots.0.logs, I cant connect to the internet via my only one way DLS connection. So, pacman -S will run in this? are you sure? i have tried to restart the network manager. i cant find the option for DSL. In minimal edition, it’s showing me an error.

  • Yeah, I guess that’s not going to work now will it? 😅 …You can download the package file using your current OS, then boot the Install Media and install it. If that’s too much trouble, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the next set of ISO’s are built (which will include the necessary package for DSL connections). Sorry!

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