• "makepkg was unable to build"- /tmp memory is full.

    I was trying to install teamviewer using PacMan. After some building process it said “makepkg was unable to build” and something warning about /tmp memory, I couldn’t catch that.

    I am a very new to Arch/Antergos planet. So I searched throught web and didn’t understand nothing :smirk: .

    After running this command I found my /tmp memory is full.
    df -h

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    tmpfs | 376M | 376M | 0 | 100% | /tmp

    Q. How can I extend /tmp memory?
    Some forum refers to “build package on another directory”. That’s not easy I think.

    Thanks in advance :smile: .

  • @sadatdaniel /tmp is mapping in RAM memory, rather then on disk partition. This to accomplish more i/o performance. Unfortunately your PC use too few RAM GB. If tmpfs use 376M, your total memory is less than 1GB, that is too little (By default tmpfs allocate 50% of total RAM). Try:

    • install another memory card of the same type than the one installed, OR…

    • add following row on /etc/fstab (edit w/sudo privileges):
      tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nodev,nosuid,size=700M 0 0
      then reboot. Try different values for “size” parameter.


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