• I lost some of my MenuBars in Cinnamon

    Hello! I hope this post finds you well and you’re having a nice holiday.

    Recently the MenuBar of multiple apps has disappeared Recently the MenuBar of multiple apps has disappeared and I have no idea how this happened so I hope you’ll be able to help me out.

    I’m using Cinnamon 2.8.6 and have already tried:

    • metacity --replace
    • mutter --replace

    Here’s some example screenshots:
    7_1450853344951_Lost-MenuBar-8.png 6_1450853344951_Lost-MenuBar-7.png 5_1450853344951_Lost-MenuBar-6.png 4_1450853344951_Lost-MenuBar-5.png 3_1450853344951_Lost-MenuBar-4.png 2_1450853344950_Lost-MenuBar-3.png 1_1450853344950_Lost-MenuBar-2.png 0_1450853344950_Lost-MenuBar-1.png

    I can’t really tell what the common factor is between these example apps, but as you can see Gimp and Leafpad are affected; meanwhile, VLC and Konsole are not.

    (I realize I’m using the Plasma Terminal along with the LXDE TextEditor inside Cinnamon, which will probably irritate some of you, but they’re just my preferred apps).

    Does anyone have any idea about what happened and/or how I can get my MenuBars back? At this point I really don’t care how it happened, if there’s a way to get them back regardless of what caused it, I would really like to know. If you do happen to know the reason it would be helpful for me to understand so it doesn’t happen again.

    I might have a possible cause for this; however its a longshot. But what the Hell. I tried installing different Top-Menu apps with yaourt but when I found none of them worked with Cinnamon I yaourt -R’d them.

    Any advice/input you can share with me will be extremely helpful!

    Thanks very much!

  • hi.
    I do not use Cinnamon, but have you tried cinnamon --replace It removes the old Cinnamon DE and starts a new one.
    Do you have dconf-editor istalled?
    You could try from within there.
    Or you could try gsettings reset-recursively org.cinnamon and reset it.

    man gsettings

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