• 'Make link' possibility in the 'right click' menu


    I dont really like, that there is no “make link” option in the right click menu by default in Cinnamon. I am too lazy to press ctrl+m all the time when i want a shortcut. :) (sry, Windows habits :) )

    I used Linux Mint with cinnamon, therefore I know there is a solution.
    Nemo -> **Edit ** -> **Preferences ** -> **Display ** -> and checkmark to Contexts Menu (show all avaible actions in context menus). After that the ‘make link’ will appear in the right click menu.

    BUT that option is missing from the settings now :/

    So how can I set it up?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • I believe that Cinnamon was upgraded to a newer version recently.
    you may want to discuss this with the Cinnamon devs instead. As you are aware of, that is a DE configuration since you make mention of it from a historical standpoint.
    I don’t believe that it is particular to an operating system

    Devs from the various DEs have been removing and adding functionalities for quite a while now. An example is the Gnome dev team. There is historical evidence that points to that fact itself within the confines of that particular DE (adding and removing).

    I have no doubt it is the same with Cinnamon (adding and removing different functionalities).
    Its important to understand the differences between a DE, which is a compilation of programs, that run over an OS.

    A Desktop Environment is an intuitive way for yourself to interact with your computer using concepts which are similar to those used when you interact with the physical world, such as buttons and windows, and right-clicking for a menu of some sorts.

    I hope this clears it up for you and was found helpful.
    Again, you would have to go to the Cinnamon devs for this.

  • @Modisc Thank you for your detailed answer. :)
    I now the difference between OS and DE, but I mostly newbie with Linux, and I hoped that there is an easy way to set up / customize the right click menu. (gui or terminal commands) :(

    btw, In the linuxmint forum, I found the same topic, but as you said, the cinnamon was upgraded since. :(

  • hmmm. That’s interesting then (the link, that is).

    So are you not able then to go to the Prefs and make the appropriate edits like it says in the link you provided? I noticed that the posts in that particular thread are from 2015.
    So it is still fairly recent.
    However, I do recall that the devs from Cinnamon did upgrade the Cinnamon DE only a very short while ago.

    Or has this option in your Prefs completely disappeared?
    If it has disappeared, then I don’t know what you could do.

    Some suggestions:

    1. Have you looked around inside the General Settings to see if there is something there?
    2. Cinnamon @Arch Wiki?
    3. Cinnamon’s default file manager @Arch Wiki
    4. segfault?
    5. dconf-editor? (this is a piece of software that you can install and make edits to your DE). You would start off with going to org > cinnamon There are other avenues within that software too.
    6. Changing the default file manager (Nautilus, isn’t it?) that comes with Cinnamon to another one that might have what you are looking for? If that is an avenue that you might want to explore, there is a link that does help to explain on how to do that unix.stackexchange

    Sorry. Those are only suggestions that I could think of.

    I realize that you mentioned that you were coming from a Wind0ze environment and your not used to the idea of utilizing HotKeys, but I don’t know what to tell you.

    Hotkeys are pretty invaluable to use.
    Here’s an example: your mouse(or laptop finger pad) does not work for whatever reason and you don’t know how or what the function is for a particular Hotkey to navigate when you know that there exists one.

  • It must be a Cinnamon bug.

    Now I installed Manjaro with Cinnamon. It uses an older version (snapshot 2015.oct.10.) of the DE. This ‘context menu’ thing is works perfectly. But If I run the upgrades (among other things, Cinnamon upgraded to 2.8.6.) the context menu dissapered from the settings.
    Please check these screenshots.:

  • Hi @Laur_Hun
    Had a look at the images you posted.

    Hmm. That is quite interesting. You mentioned that it was in the Cinnamon DE before the recent upgrade but now is gone.
    Sorry, buddy. I really don’t know what to say. Maybe it is a bug or it was intentionally removed?
    Just out of curiosity, what is the “make link” used for?
    You mentioned a short cut.
    A short cut for a folder perhaps?

    Addendum: Have a look at this post here at Segfault.
    Here is the post output:

    Cinnamon 2.6 works well. Thanks!
    One thing though (and sorry if this has been mentioned already): removing ‘make link’ from the list of context-actions available by default does *not* seem like a good idea . .

    however, if you read the rest of those comments, there is some information as to the possibility of finding it in Cinnamon Settings->General
    I take it you may have already looked there, perhaps?

  • Make link or create shortcut is the same. (Linux and Windows terminology for the same action.)

    btw, I didnt find anything in the Settings->General.

    I asked the same question in the Linux Mint forum, and this answer was arrived:

    [quote=“oba123”]I’m using Mint 17.3 Cinnamon (on version 2.8.6) and also don’t have that option. If you want you can create a Nemo Action to provide the same functionality.

    [Nemo Action]
    Name=Make Link
    Comment=Create a link to %f
    Exec=ln -s %F %F.link

    Save it to ~/.local/share/nemo/actions/create-link.nemo_action[/quote]

  • And so how has that worked so far?

  • It is unnecessary, because there is an easier way:

    To enhance the context menu in Cinnamon 2.8.6 click on the + sign right to the top most command in the (right click) context menu.

    What a simple and great idea was take that little + sign in to the right click menu to enhance the context menu. And what a ******** terrible idea was simply abolish a setup option from the Settings, which was always there.

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