• Unable to print via WiFi with Canon iP7250

    i bought a new Canon iP7250-WiFi-Printer. I can use the printer via USB but not via WiFi.
    The printer is logged into my network successful. I can browse to his webinterface by his IP-adress successful too.
    It’s not a problem to add this printer to the system. I can install it via the cnijfilter-mg3200 package from the AUR or with the Gutenprint-Driver.
    In the non-used-state the driver shows me that the printer is ready. the IP-Adress is “localhost” !?!
    When i want to print the system shows me that the printer is not available.

    What is the solution to my problem?



  • hi.
    Were you aware of a Wiki page on CUPS by chance? CUPS
    you have to enable the org.cups.cupsd.service
    But to begin with, you have to lsusb first.
    You then have to dmesg | grep -i print just like it says in the Wiki.

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