• Intel/ATI nouveau-drivers. ATI Performance even worse than Intel...


    I have a ~3 year old laptop with an intel hd 3000 and a AMD Radeon™ HD6750M. After installation everything worked fine and im pretty satisfied with antergos since i did not break it immeadeatly anymore after 3rd install :)

    hence i wanted start gaming, and i relised very poor performance, and i begann reading.


    and eventually :

    (as well as everyblogpost about the topic i could find somewhere.)


    Im pretty sure, my opensource nouveau is installed working and active, and also the gpu offloading seems to work. BUT. The performance of my ati gpu is even worse than the intel. - so what is wrong? what can i do.

    Here output of glmark with ati and then with intel.

    [****** ~]$ DRI_PRIME=1 glmark2
        glmark2 2014.03
        OpenGL Information
        GL_VENDOR:     X.Org
        GL_RENDERER:   Gallium 0.4 on AMD TURKS (DRM 2.42.0, LLVM 3.7.0)
        GL_VERSION:    3.0 Mesa 11.0.6
    [build] use-vbo=false: FPS: 848 FrameTime: 1.179 ms
    [build] use-vbo=true: FPS: 957 FrameTime: 1.045 ms
    [texture] texture-filter=nearest: FPS: 936 FrameTime: 1.068 ms
    [texture] texture-filter=linear: FPS: 938 FrameTime: 1.066 ms
    [texture] texture-filter=mipmap:^C
    [********* ~]$ glmark2
        glmark2 2014.03
        OpenGL Information
        GL_VENDOR:     Intel Open Source Technology Center
        GL_RENDERER:   Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile 
        GL_VERSION:    3.0 Mesa 11.0.6
    [build] use-vbo=false: FPS: 931 FrameTime: 1.074 ms
    [build] use-vbo=true: FPS: 1154 FrameTime: 0.867 ms
    [texture] texture-filter=nearest: FPS: 1044 FrameTime: 0.958 ms
    [texture] texture-filter=linear: FPS: 1052 FrameTime: 0.951 ms
    [texture] texture-filter=mipmap:^C

    Since the poort performance, i also tried to install the catalyst drivers from the unofficial repository ( https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/AMD_Catalyst#Installing_from_the_unofficial_repository) . which resulted in loads of display failures of cinammon on first boot, and i kinda immedeatetly reverted back to before install (im using btrfs ans snaphots ( thank god).

    But i just read som e minutes ago that new post about installing catalyst https://forum.antergos.com/topic/3351/how-to-install-a-proprietary-amd-catalyst-drivers/2 which include some extra steps i did not found in the arch wiki. so maybe that yould help/solve.

    I will eventually try that again with that new help, and i have a bit more confidence now about the system in general.
    BUT if possible i would prefer to use the opensource drivers. - i dont need cuutting edge performnce ( i obvisouly dont have the hardware for that too here) but i want to be able to play some games ok.

    i read somewhere installing an older version of the opensource driver could help. but i do not think thats so viable. how are your thoughts about that and how yould i do that?

    best thanks

  • @fjsdiolk Had do you use optirun? Are you using bumblebee optimus technology?

  • @alaguna Hi, i don’t really find out what optirun is but it seems to be for nvidia too, as of bumblebee is only for nvidia but my gpu is ATI…

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