• Xfce starts up trying to connect to ethernet when actually connected wirelessly

    Weird issue where I boot into xfce and it shows the “searching for network” icon when in reality it is connected wirelessly. I fix this by disconnecting my ethernet connection but this process repeats every time with a fresh reboot.

    Is there a simple permanent fix for this I’m missing?

  • I checked the nm-applet and there is an option in the wired connection >general
    that has options for activating.
    You might try just unchecking them and see if that helps.
    Mine are checked btw, but I don’t have your problem so perhaps there really is something unique about you config.
    Good luck.

  • I knew it was something obvious I was overlooking. Turns out there was a “wired connection 1” that got created somewhere along the lines and was trying to connect first. I guess it got created when I was testing my ethernet port for functionality. I just went to my wireless settings and deleted it. Fixed my problem. Thanks…had a duh moment. Now how do you mark something as solved?

  • Glad that it worked out well for you. Strange how sometimes it’s the simple things that mess things up.

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