• How to install a proprietary AMD Catalyst drivers?

    Is there an easy way to do the above?

    lspci | grep -i VGA
    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series]

  • I would recommend reading the wiki behind it before attempting this as there is more than one method of building the Catalyst drivers.

    Also the source material I used for this how-to is from the following website:

    If you don’t already have it Catalyst is a AUR package from the community.
    In terminal type:
    sudo pacman -Sy yaourt

    Then you would install the catalyst package of your choice, in this example I will use “catalyst-test” as it is the bleeding edge for catalyst, you can also use “catalyst-total” or “catalyst” depending on your setup and card.
    yaourt -S catalyst-test
    (type n to not edit package, type y to override existing packages when prompted)

    Also if not already installed
    sudo pacman -S acpid

    Then you will need to start the following for everything to work…
    In terminal type:
    sudo systemctl enable atieventsd
    sudo systemctl start atieventsd
    sudo systemctl enable catalyst-hook
    sudo systemctl start catalyst-hook

    Next you will want to config your driver.
    sudo aticonfig --initial

    Edit “/boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg” and add nomodeset to the APPEND line, e.g.:
    sudo mousepad /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg

    Then edit the line that starts with APPEND and change it to read this:

    Replace the x with the number given in your config file.

    Once you have done this save and exit.
    Then type in terminal:
    sudo reboot
    OR just reboot as you would normally from your username on the taskbar.
    Hope this helps! I have not tested this personally as I run all opensource but it looks like it should work.

  • Thank you for such detailed information, but I followed the wiki entry already.
    I cannot build catalyst-test since it cannot find the required xorg-server</1.18.0>

  • @Adam_eM

    You have the use an older version of xorg. Amd is very slow at updating.

  • It seems they’ve dropped support for radeon HD6x provided by the package you mentioned, and the other repo is for hd2/3/4 users… d’oh

  • @Adam_eM

    Yeah, Nvidia is usually recommended because they keep up with it.

  • Unfortunately the AMD proprietary drivers is unofficially supported, aka no longer by the Arch team, so updating the packages may be considerably slower. You may be able to find more up to date packaging from Radeon’s website, but unfortunately I don’t run them (mainly due to me not wanting to manually update with each new kernel/open drivers do what I need.)

    As for Nvidia they got Linus motivation behind them! (Linus’ “your #1 finger support”) lol

  • @Adam_eM so we with the HD6x cards for real can’t install any driver ???
    i just made isntall from catalyst-test AUR and failed the aticonfig command and (there was this notice about dropping support but only at the end of the install!!?)
    and then i reverted to my system before (btrfs snapshots) and did the same with from the catalyst stable repo again and failed at the same point…
    and i thought well then we have to use legacy driver.
    but you say they’re only for 2/3/4 ??

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