• Error with KDE in cnchi (Cannot create download package list (metalinks). Check log output for details)

    Can’t install KDE Desktop, in output log I see: 0_1450107902202_cnchi.log
    But if I manual edit /usr/share/cnchi/data/packages.xml 0_1450108035161_packages.xml and start cnchi with -p option - all right.
    This is due to the removal of plasma from the repository? Sorry for my engrish.

    UPD: KDE 4 install - broken, can install KDE 5. But why cnchi haven’t this option?

  • Hi,

    Which version of Cnchi did you use?

    Well, short answer: that package does not exist anymore.

  • @karasu, latest version.
    And I see, that package does not exist. But why installer try to download it? Why latest packages.xml from official online source broke all installation process, when I choose “KDE”?

  • Server packages.xml hasn’t been updated, yet.
    We’re in the process of migrating KDE4 to Plasma5.

    As soon as we can we’ll update that file in our installer server.

    Thanks for your patience.


  • @karasu maybe you should post an update on the blog for users trying to install KDE till the migration is complete…

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