• What does "systemd: Failed to start Setup Virtual Console." message mean ?

    How can it be solve?

  • I posted the topic above, but somehow it seems Alphanumerix had posted it -I hadn’t realize that … and wtf is going on here!

  • @mr.dmrbg

    1. It means that systemd can’t interpret the KEYMAP= code it reads from /etc/vconsole.conf file on boot to setup a keyboard to use in VTs.

    2. Set it to any valid language, country, keyboard layout code.

      An example for English (UK) keyboard:

      • wrong value; systemd will issue the error message
      • correct value; no message will be issued by systemd
    3. Avoid using a strong lexic in public forums.

    4. Follow the forum to be informed about the Alphanumerix issue.

  • Alphanumerix issue

    Oohh, You named bug after me <3

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