• Creating a portable antergos installation on a USB drive that can be modified

    I’m looking to get an antergos installation on a 64 GB USB drive. I thought a live USB would do it, however, I realized that each time I reboot, I lose all modifications made. I want to be able to install software and save files etc.

    I also attempted to install antergos on the USB, installing grub on the USB as well, but it woudn’t boot. It wouldn’t even attempt actually. I was unable to select the USB drive as the boot device in setup (it would just say an error occurred and ask me to select another device).

  • 3 years later I’m trying to do the same thing and getting the same problem. It’s not clear how the wiki page would help with this problem (with the exception of tweaks to reduce writes).

    Install live USB boots. The antergos installer appeared to work fine. But the resulting install on a 2nd USB wont boot. The device wont even find grub.

    In my case I’m trying to boot an HP14 Chromebook (falco) with the mrchromebox modified firmware installed (Tianocore UEFI). It currently has GalliumOS (ubuntu derivative for chromebooks) installed on its tiny 16gb hard drive.

    Is the link to the wiki basically saying ‘forget the antergos installer and just do a manual arch install’?

    It really just seems something is wrong with the bootloader as set up by the antergos installer…

  • May caused by the fact that antergos is setting up grub with uuids ? Wiki say to use traditional /dev/ path or Labels.

    Also needs some more modifications for grub to work.

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