• New sign-in concerns and issues

    A bit of a strange thing with this new sign up. Initially, I had to set up a Github account but I don’t really do Github.
    It’s mainly for developers and software makers and I am none of the above.

    When ever I decide to login, I select to input my user name and password.
    That apparently does not work.
    Don’t know why as each time I try to, the login is redirected back to the new login after it only partially goes over to the forum.
    Login once again and it partially goes over to the Antergos main forum page only to be, once again, redirected to the new Antergos forum login (Auth0, that is).

    Basically, it is a continual loop. It is like a dog chasing it’s tail.
    I cannot log in unless it is with a secondary provider.
    I should not need a secondary provider to login anywhere.

    Decided to try logging in with Google as I obviously don’t need Github.
    Question: Why does the forum administration need to know my Google information just in order to login?

    It is enough of a privacy issue already.
    Google already even knows when I go to the bathroom.

    To sum it up, the current new login does not work as intended because each time I try, it just goes to the forum home page only to be quickly redirected back to the new Auth0 login.
    Like I said earlier, it’s looping.

    hoping everyone has a good week-end.

  • @Modisc Hi,
    if you’re referring to the impossibility to login to the forum, then you aren’t the first person to encounter this problem. There were at least two other people. See the Cannot login from a new PC thread.

    The login to forum didn’t work for us for one or two days. Then, after an intervention by @lots-0-logs , the problem was solved for us. We can now login to the forum normally, without a problem.

    Have no idea, what kind of intervention was made by @lots-0-logs - was it made in a “forum-wide” or “per-user” mode. @lots-0-logs will probably read this post, and hopefully re-apply his magic to solve the issue.

  • HI.
    Yes, I noticed that I was able to login normally today thanks to @lots-0-logs efforts.
    Kudos to him!!

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