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    @4ant said:

    @megaman said:

    @Noctem i think we need to really promote over at distrowatch 1st and then go from there.

    So, yes. DW did it.
    By the way, a well done review, as is usually the case with Jesse, DistroWatch. Good to know that for the most part, Antergos worked well for him.

    Hey, it worked! They never did answer, so I thought my email would lie in some obscure folder in their inbox! Great review btw! And with some good insights for the devs to work on. It would be nice to know if there was a bump on downloads following the review.

  • Side note for @Noctem distrowatch is where I found Antergos and tell anyone interested in Linux to visit their site so that form of promotion does work :D

  • I know! That is why I emailed them. If you read my post, I didn’t believe they would see my email (among all the other mails they receive for reviews).

  • @megaman Am using Mate. I tried using kde-plasma, but it wasn’t working well on my laptop. Actually, looking to figure out how to fully remove it, when I get some time. Mate works well! Thanks, Greg.

  • @Ogre

    Since Antergos uses Arch repos and Arch package groups, you should be able to remove the “plasma” group and that should take everything else with it as according to the Arch wiki https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/KDE#Installation that’s what KDE is made of.

    Still, I would recommend reading up on this as KDE has tons of packages on its own and I have never tried removing it myself :)

  • This week’s DW has a mention to an Hectic Geek article: http://www.hecticgeek.com/2016/05/ubuntu-16-04-flavors-comparison/
    They’re reviews are quite good!
    Will someone ask them to see Antergos?

  • @4ant said in Promote Antergos:

    Will someone ask them to see Antergos?

    Done and glad to help! Would love to see Antergos grow :)

  • I’m sure they’ll accept!
    Looking forward to read it.
    BravO @KabirGandhiok 👍

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