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    Haven’t heard any more about testing. Is it still coming, or have I missed something?

  • @nitrogen_sky I ask the same.

  • Was wondering the same as nitrogen_sky. So basically you want us to install the testing iso and run it? If so I’ve got a friend who is already running testing due to wanting the nightly version of Firefox that I may recruit for this.

    Also, where do we report bugs? Should there be a “Testing” section in the forums or do we just post it wherever with a testing tag?

    Final question: what if you switch de’s during your time being a tester? (Like for example I am considering moving to KDE now that it has wayland support) thanks to Megaman lol

  • Don’t get me wrong. I’m just excited. I understand that development takes time and that’s great. I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. 😄

  • Hi all,

    We’re getting ready to release Cnchi 0.14

    What we want you to do, is check latest ISO (it’s going to be the January release) with Cnchi 0.14

    What we want to know is if you experience any kind of problems with Cnchi AND the installation. You must install the DE you said you use and report to us. The easiest way is to enter a issue report at www.github.com/antergos/cnchi

    If you have the time, you can check LVM, LUKS and… ZFS! xD

    I’ll warn you all when Cnchi is ready to be tested. That should be in a couple of weeks.


    EDIT: I meant weeks, not days! Sorry for the confusion.

  • Happy New Year to all, full of Open Source and Antergos! I have finally been able to sit in front of a PC long enough… Now that vacation is over, we really should get more serious on promoting the distribution. I reviewed the installation on my Media Center, but I can’t seem to find a way to reach a wider audience… I’m thinking of creating a site dedicated to Antergos (from a user’s point of view - tutorials/guides etc), I already have a domain idling, so we could use it… I just need to find collaborators, and the developers blessings!

  • I’m willing to help, just tell me what you need

  • I noticed from DistroWatch that Antergos have very few reviews. We could propose it to some of the usual specialized sites.
    Distro reviews use to get lots of attention from the Linux community, if the “bottom line” is OK (which I think will be) many will try it and eventually will become regular users.

  • @karasu I can help with Gnome, God wants that i couldn’t to reinstall Antergos, jajajaja, but, for these case, i have a gist with my custom installation’s software.

  • Hi all,

    For those that are very curious, the new Cnchi version (0.14) is available in our github repository (https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi)

    We’ll pack and launch it officially in the next days.


  • @karasu said:

    Cnchi version (0.14)

    How i can use this version inside the testing iso?

  • @Noctem i think we need to really promote over at distrowatch 1st and then go from there.

  • @joekamprad You can run the live environment then close Cnchi when it starts and then open a terminal and run "sudo pacman -Sy cnchi-dev --force " in the terminal, but it sounds like it will be available in testing in the next couple of days as stable not dev. It would probably be best to wait. 😉

  • @megaman How can we do that? One suggestion would be to mail the author to review Antergos on one of the Distrowatch Weekly issues ( mailto : [email protected] ). Any other?

  • @Noctem i think that would be a good start 👍

  • I’ll start there then, and post back any reply. Any other simultaneous action we could take? Another example, planet.antergos.com (idea from the top of my head)

  • @karasu,
    A new release announcement made @ DistroWatch is an excellent promo. So efficient that It seems there are distros that do only release just to appear in there… 😜

    Cnchi will soon be out. I don’t know if a new official Iso will come with it. If yes, and if there’s a formal release announcement chances are that DW will pick it up.
    Suggesting another review from DW is a good idea for a starting. Others could follow along the time.
    Some more excellent sites:

    • Foss Force
    • Everyday Linux User
    • Hectic Geek
    • LinuxInsider
    • LinuxUser
      Carla Schroder and Katherine Noyes have done great distro reviews in the past, not sure if they still do. They’re both accessible @ G+
      If the suggest to the Antergos review is made by one of the developers, stating the worth of it, the probabiliy of approval will be higher.
  • @megaman said:

    @Noctem i think we need to really promote over at distrowatch 1st and then go from there.

    So, yes. DW did it.
    By the way, a well done review, as is usually the case with Jesse, DistroWatch. Good to know that for the most part, Antergos worked well for him.

  • I also promote it on FB and twitter when I can! I have used many different distros, and had challenges getting anything to remain stable on this acer laptop! In the past I have shied away from Arch, because of more complexities than I had time or interest to deal with, and had issues trying to get Manjaro working decently, however I have to say that Antergos is one of the best distibutions I have worked with and it is running rock stable on my slightly older, problematic Acer laptop! I have been enjoying about it, and I have to also say that this is one of the best forums I have been in–thanks to all of you!! I would love to eventually get more involved, and volunteer time to help make Antergos increase its awareness and availability to a wider audience, as something this good can’t be kept secret!! Thanks!

  • Oh since you are suggesting sites, I like http://www.dedoimedo.com as I find their reviews to not be sugar-coated, and usually useful! Just a humble suggestion from a simple Ogre. Thanks, Greg.

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