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    I believe that Antergos is the best implementation of a cutting edge parent distribution (aka Arch) made easy to install and use. I think it is time to make other people see it too… So in my opinion, the developers should utilize the social media sites to promote the distro, blog more frequently (maybe a planet sub-site ?) and generally create a “hype” around the distribution.

    P.S : I am more than willing to help as much as I can, I have already proclaimed my love for it on my blog ( www.aleph.gr ).

  • @Noctem

    We’re open to new ideas… problem is we do not have time to do it, to be honest. Our TODO list keeps growing and growing… I started posting here only to help @lots-0-logs with the huge task of managing this forum . Thankfully, more an more experienced people are helping us here in the forum (thanks @Wyn , @just , @megaman, @modisc, and others!).


  • antergos on twitter is run by the antergos founder and is active. i see he mentioned your web site in his last tweet 👍

    i dont use facebook so dont know about that. i havent used G+ in a while so dont know about that either.

    we do have the antergos blog not sure if the comments section is working yet.

    i agree we should have maybe a promo team to work on the social networks.

  • guess i should ask @lots-0-logs do we have facebook or google plus being run by anyone?

  • Count me in. I have already expressed my availability to help the project in any way I am asked for.
    It s a tiny little dev group. I wouldn t like us to take their attention off
    their main task which by itself is hell of a burden. In case we decided anything, it should be carried out by us, the community, to assist them…👏

  • Forgot to mention. I do have both (Fb & G+) accounts and already promoting Antergos there quite often.

  • Everytime it’s talked about on reddit I chime in on it (And advertise when possible). And also correct people when it’s compared with Manjaro >.>

    @karasu Have you ever though on making the roadmap public to see what’s going on? You could get extra helping hands if others have the knowledge 👍 .

    (What the hell this is Wyn why am I logged in as this guy)

  • Hi,

    I agree, we should definitely write a roadmap. It would be just to put all our todo list in paper and establish some kind of schedule.

    I promise I’ll work on this when we finish next Cnchi release.

    We do have a G+ comunity page: https://plus.google.com/communities/116626481503903480477

    I do not use G+ myself (I have an account, though), so it’s basically lots.0.logs who runs it.


  • Hi,

    do you think Antergos is big enought to develop local communitie to promote it ?

    The non english sub forums here are pretty empty and I would love to see more non english speaker on thif forum or on local communities. Maybe it bould help.

  • I know that there is an account of Antergos on all social media sites, but in my opinion there needs to be more activity! Especially on G+ . I agree that the developers have more important things to do (life, work, Antergos development), so we - the community - should step up and help! So count me in, in whatever steps the developers want/like to take, to promote the distro.
    I would also like the idea of a Greek Antergos community…

  • We’re also on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/antergos/

    @nekosan Maybe if everyone started using google translate 😢.

  • @Wyn Why google translate ? I don’t understand what you try to say here.

  • @nekosan

    For our current state I don’t think it’s possible to advertise for different languages on the forums. As of right now usually when someone posts an issue in those categories it’s either @karasu since he’s multilingual or someone using google translate. Need to get more members by the bulk and hopefully that’ll include more non-english speakers.

  • @Noctem said:

    I would also like the idea of a Greek Antergos community…
    Well, here I am. That s two of us. Are there any more? 👍

  • @Wyn their is plenty of ppl who speak two or more languages here. Myself included I think we should make an effort our selves promoting Antergos in our natives languages and in the Locals Antergos subforums. That will create an emulation of new users who don’t speak english to come and seek help here.

    For exemple the antergos website in english only while the distro itself if localized in so many languages but how non english speaker will try it if they don’t know if WE don’t promote it in our own languages. Or we make local comunities or we translate the website in other languages. I will try myself to make live the fench subforum.

    I don’t know if I’m clear enough :/

  • @Wyn said:

    We’re also on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/antergos/

    @nekosan Maybe if everyone started using google translate 😢.

    i forgot about reddit 👍

  • I am on Linux since 1988 so i was f**** used to english language on research and communication for Linux related stuff.
    English as the lowest common denominator…
    When distros grow, there come more people together, and it counts to have local communities.
    if you get enough people together to operate a forum / wiki, do it! You just have to be clear about that it costs time and money.
    May it is possible to enhance this forum to have seperate local erea? there was some talking about translation for the wiki e.t.c. here.

  • I love that Antergos is growing in terms of popularity! I found trello useful for a roadmap if Antergos needs one. I for one almost promoted this OS to everyone I know except these drawbacks:

    1. Cnchi needs a little more polishing
      If it breaks or doesn’t work people begin throwing hands up in the air in frustration…or go to other OS’s
    2. Lightdm needs to be solid.
    3. Create something that stands out above other OS’s like maybe an app store?
    4. Multiplatform?
    5. Simplicity for the user

    Take these with a grain of salt but the way I see it the OS speaks for itself, show the benifits of this OS and it will grow. Cnchi was the seller for me!

  • As a user I would like to point out to @linuxhelmet

    1. Cnchi is for me the more polished installer, it needs to be a little more stable (even though most of my problems occured due to a non-stable internet connection). People always throw their hands in the air when a problem occurs, be it Ubuntu, Arch etc
    2. LightDM is a very nice DM. I only wanted to point that on GNOME and KDE, it should be GDM and SSDM be used for system consistency.
    3. There is an app store on the works.
    4. Multiplatform?
    5. I believe that, if I can install it ( I am a noob ), anyone can… and that says a lot for Antergos!

    On the promotion subject, I am waiting the developers input on ways to better promote Antergos. I don’t know if the community is big enough to create a “community team” for social and site promotion, but it could be a start. Just my idea.

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