• Security is strongly messed up


    I’m Alphanumerix. And today I was logged in as user @Wyn.
    This is very bad.

    Auth0 messed up something?


  • @Wyn Logout and Login didn’t change anything.

  • After clicking on “Login” button, and then fast (before redirect) on the star in “alternative logins”, I’ve been logged in on my account.

  • After relogin I’m logged automatically on Alphanumerix (mine) account.

    Temporary problem?

  • Private mode in Firefox -> login -> same username and password as previously. Logged in as Alphanumerix.

    Seems to be ok now, but it may be huge problem if someone will overtake developer account.

  • Another browser - logged in correctly.

  • Thanks for reporting this. I will go over everything to ensure I didn’t miss anything when I implemented SSO. Please let me know if it happens again or if you experience any other issues related to the SSO service.

  • I too logged in using Pale Moon & ended up as Alphanumerix.

  • @Wyn

    Hey Alphanumerix, I’m Wyn. >.>

    @lots-0-logs I also emailed you when I occurred this issue.

  • Hi Wyn & Alphamumerix … i’m UZI 😆

  • would be nice to hear what the problem was and whether it has been fixed!

    Hy i’am i’am ;) (it’s me myself)

  • Hi

    Here is nekosan !

    On my desktop I am on Alphanumerix account and on my laptop on my personnal account, for both using my own login.

    The problem is I can’t log out frm this acount I don’t have any “logout” link. Yesterday I setup this account language to En_GB from PL so anyone who login the account can understand what happen.

  • @Alphanumerix said:

    The problem is I can’t log out frm this acount I don’t have any “logout” link…

    Maybe you’re looking for this option?

    The menu opens when you left-click on user’s icon in the top right corner of the forum’s page.

  • 0_1449829842397_antergos_forum.png

    As I said I don’t see the option, this menu doesn’t even show up.

  • @Alphanumerix The icon may not be visible, for some reason(s), but that spot / place / area may be still active. Try to hover the mouse pointer above it for 2-4 seconds. Does it change? If yes, left-click while pointer is changed. It might open the menu.

    And if the pointer doesn’t change (it depends on cursor’s theme in use), left-click that area nevertheless.

    Tenter non nuoce, as said here 😄 .

  • Okey I found it. It is just at the limit of the bar on the top. Big screen problem I think, small area are even smaller ^^ thank you ! I’ll log in in my acount. (at least try).

    I called victory too fast I can log out but each time I log in it log me in to the account again and again and again.

  • I had to delete all the Antergos cookies and now it work good. I’ll see if the problem come again.

  • @Alphanumerix Using Pale Moon & logged in as you, it wont let me log out either.

  • @nekosan said:

    I had to delete all the Antergos cookies and now it work good. I’ll see if the problem come again.

    can confirm this worked

  • Got logged in as Alphanumerix earlier as well. My Firefox is set to “never remember history” so cookies are turned off as well as several other things but my cache is set to auto. Logged in for first time today and wound up under Alphanumerix name. Posted this elsewhere but figured I’d point it out as maybe a means to help problem solve.

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