• [partitioning] /boot on /, possible?

    Hi to all
    /me is an Arch user wanting to give Antergos a try. The DE and graphical integration has my interest.

    OK I’m installing Antergos-minimal-2015.11.14-x86_64 on an netbook, with a MBR spinning disk, LVM and Arch already installed on it.

    1. Auto updates done, I went through CnChi (1) till
    2. Partitioning: it sees the LVM perfectly, then requires (at least I cannot see an option if it exists) a separate /boot partition. But the one I have is already taken.

    Please how do you use “/” for “/boot” so that one chainloads Antergos bootloader (PBR) from main bootloader, instead of mixing different distros kernels in a single /boot --something I won’t do?

    Laptop disk layout’s like this:
    | boot | lvm2: swap, lv_arch, lv_arch2, lv_antergos, … |

    (1) UI, fonts and French localization are splendid, woow :)

  • Hi,

    I think you’ve found an old “bug”. It’s not really a bug, I’ll explain. Some time ago you couldn’t have a lvm to boot, you needed a different /boot partition (I think it was a Grub2 limitiation, but I’m not sure).

    Well, Cnchi needs a /boot partition if you use lvm. We should remove this restriction, but if I’m not wrong, we still haven’t.

    Have you tried to select your existing /boot partition but NOT selecting to format it? (Please, by all means, if you try this backup your data first!)

  • Thanks for your concern and help.

    select the existing /boot partition NOT selecting to format it.

    I did and also unchecked « Use sda to install Antergos bootloader ». As a result Cnchi installed the kernel and initramfs images in sda1 --replacing Arch’s without a prompt!-- alone. Going this way also resulting in having no bootloader configuration (I did hope to get an example). Like Arch, Antergos do not put its names into the kernels names; out of luck here!

    Now I’ll go this way, hopping to get both systems available:

    1. Add Antergos kernel entries to my original syslinux, test if that boots the OS up. If so,
    2. Chroot in Arch, install a custom kernel (default has an compatibility issue with this little box anyway), reboot and test
    3. Resize /boot; as it seems 200 MB will be too small for the kernels and distros testing I’ll do.

    Worked without a glitch, yeah :)
    Interestingly Antergos stock kernel boots fine, whereas Arch kernels 4+ do not.

    Ah having chosen French as keymap and a language, having an QWERTY keymap layout after installing is rather disturbing. E.g tons of shell, vi keybidings are unusable. ANd there’s not even a /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/azerty! first time I see that in a century: a distro that wiped out some essential input

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