• Manjaro many many many release announcements!


    i follow linux news on google and wow manjaro seems to have major release announcements like weekly with fancy code names. like its all the news i hear every update is HUGE!!! BIG UPDATE!!! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT SM PLAYER IS 15.11 NOW!!! ON MANJARO 😆

    just found it strange 😐

  • Linux kernel 4.4 RC4
    Nice!! And we are on what, 4.2? Well perhaps for some. I’m on LTS kernel.

    Additionally, the Manjaro developers managed to get the Steam for Linux client running natively in the distribution

    sounds like they had probs before. They ‘managed’…

  • @Modisc

    We go the same pace as Arch. Since we use Arch repos after all.




    ok im just being silly now 😇

  • @megaman

    I’d rather puke 👍 .

  • There s no point in getting neither offensive nor ironic on other s work, guys. We`d better stick just to the information given…🏃

  • @karasu and that is why other distributions similar to Antergos are among the top ten of Distrowatch’s list. It all boils down to promotion (even this kind) and marketing… ;)

  • Manjaro it’s not a bad distribution. What he has is a lot of Marketing and “folder”. Images isos taken out to testing (Beta and RC). Aside removing almost all known and unknown desks. It’s a great strategy.

    For this reason, I said that would be very good Antergos it will be shown. To take out more isos for testing in live operation. Would increase the number of users sure.

  • @El-Cuervo i agree manjaro is a fine distro im just poking fun 😄

  • A great sense of mood megaman !!Antergos hope that continue to grow, I think deserves. Do not like Gnome 3, but I trust that can bring up the live desktops in community settings. I saw that the idea put forward is a pity that I have neither knowledge and time. But the idea is Great !!

  • Well, good for them! Wish’em good luck and many releases! They have a few nice community experiments, like Deepin and Budgie releases, among some (obscure) windows managers editions. They also provide a cool Plasma 5 release. And they manage to take new users from Ubuntu / Mint universe by Arch-derived distro approach. Some of them will remain Manjaro users, some of them go back to Ubuntu / Fedora and a few will go further to mothership Arch :)

    Let’s say it: It’s not a contest for quantity, number of releases, Distrowatch hits, or users.

    I’m not confortable with Manjaro’s Mint-like releases style. Also, i’m not confortable with all the bloat provided by official ISO’s and i want to have a little control. Being to lazy to use plain-Arch install, i’m very happy with Antergos, Cnchi and Arch-like approach.

    Also, i hate that dark green .

    I find Antergos PR style unobtrusive, as Manjaro’s passive /agressive.
    It’s a matter of taste.

  • Have tried their latest XCFE and Firefox looks just horrible.
    Had hoped for alot with Manjaro over the years, but the more i’ve tried, the more the frustrations accumulated.
    Don’t want to complain (nor go into more details), just an overral personal experience that has made me abandon the Manjaro ship.

  • i like how they have so many DEs to choose from. im not a fan of the green and black but thats not a big deal you can change that easily. i think holding the packages causes more issues then just rolling with arch like antergos does. ive said it before but ive had several crashes on manjaro i had to just start over on but thats just my personal experience not to say everyone has that problem. been on antergos almost 2 years now never once has my system gone down. ive had some issues but nothing major.

    i remember hearing about how dangerous it was too use arch repos long time ago but what a bunch of hew ha! arch repos rock solid!

    im not a distro hater so many distros out there just use what works for you. its all good in the linux hood 👍

  • @Modisc I don’t understand, Steam in linux doesn’t run nativelly? Then? How run it?

  • @alaguna I think it’s regarding this package: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/steam-native/

  • @Wyn But, which’s the diferencen between these package and the actual manjaro package?

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