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    I have a new laptop, Dell Inspiron 15 x5558, on which I have created 4 partitions over and above all the partitions which UEFI based system create. The first I used for Windows 10, second for Ubuntu 15.10 which I have successfully installed. I was wanting to use the third partition for Antergos on sda7.

    I done the partition setup in the installation process choosing sda2 which is the FAT32 EFI boot, swap (can’t remember which it was but its the same one as is used by Ubuntu) and of course set sda7 as the root / mount point. I chose a LUKS encryption on the root partition.

    All installed fine until the point where it went to setup grub where it failed. I rebooted and sure enough there is no entry for Antergos. I go into Ubuntu and update grub to see if it will find it and add an entry to it’s boot menu however it doesn’t find it. I can see that sda7 has a 6.5GB install on it and can access it with my password so I believe the actual install is there. It’s just missing a way to boot into it.

    So how can I get my Antergos to boot? I’ve attached my install logs Can’t attach logs because it says it’s too big (3.7mb) however if I compress using gz it doesn’t appear to upload.

  • Hi

    I am not able to look at your log file.
    If the installation failed at the end, personally, I would redo it.
    Your partitioning looks good. Just be careful not to format the /boot/efi.
    If you want to preserve your current grub, you need to untick the box at the bottom left of the partition table installation window in order not to install grub. Then, you will have to update it later on from your primary OS / grub to create the Antergos entry.

    Hope it will help.

  • @squid-f I think I more of less have done that as grub failed to install, or at least install properly, then it has much the same effect as if I didn’t try to install it. My Ubuntu grub still boots and trying to find Antergos using it fails. I’m thinking perhaps its LUKS that is stopping the grub update in Ubuntu from finding the Antergos install.

  • All resolved. Not sure if it was not using LUKS encryption or not attempting to install grub done it though I suspect it will have been LUKS that was preventing grub in Ubuntu from seeing Antergos.

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