• Synchronizing MATE´s Caja with my Google Drive account?

    There is in MATE someting like the Gnome online accounts for the Google Drive account?

    Thank you :)

  • Hi.
    I believe it is only for the Gnome DE.
    Because it is an integration and development from the Gnome dev team (as they make that DE).

  • No alternative for Caja? ok :😔

  • Well, no because like I say, it’s part of the Gnome team development/production suite so it’s exclusive to that particular DE.
    There was however, a GDrive for Linux; however, I believe that was disconinued because of the API’s.
    That’s all I could tell you and know of. Unless of course you want to go to the Mate forums http://forums.mate-desktop.org/ and check out there.
    Probably your best bet or just see what you could Google.

  • OK Modisc, thank you :)

  • No problem. If this has helped you a bit, perhaps I could suggest that you label the thread as
    SOLVED. I think the devs might kind of like seeing that, otherwise there is this huge list of UNSOLVED threads that they seee.

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