• How to connect wifi after installing antergos without DE

    I have installed my antergos again.
    Before, i used antergos with gnome 3, but now i want to change to kde plasma 5.
    So i reinstalled antergos and chose BASE in DE choose menu :D.
    After Cnchi running, I go to start my computer and see blackscreen because i don’t install any DE. Now i want to install KDE plasma 5.
    But when i use sudo wifi-menu to choose wifi, it showed “hieu kien”, that is my wifi, i connect to it. But it shows this:
    Job for [email protected]\x20kien.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See “systemctl status “[email protected]\x20.kien.service”” and “journalctl -xe” for details

    what should i do ?

  • This is some pictures

    First, i typed: wifi-menu

    I pressed enter, it showed:

    i choose “hieu kien” wifi, and it showed this:

    i change “hieu kien” to “hieukien”

    After, i typed password, it showed:

    p/s: i don’t how to post picture in here, in others forums, i use [img]link pictures[/img], but here it did’t work

  • Thanks for sharing this info. Sure it will be helpful for others.


  • @daogiahieu Hi, there’s exactly the same problem here. Can’t use Wi-Fi after installing Antergos-Base.

    sudo wifi-menu works, nearby wifi networks are detected, the password and a name for a choosen network are asked for, profile is generated and saved. Everything looks fine. Surprisingly, Wi-Fi doesn’t work after that.

    A clean install of some DE, not provided by Antergos, is done faster and easier starting from vanilla Arch, where Wi-Fi works. Add the [antergos] repo to it, and you’ll have the native Antergos, with the bonus not being themed by Numix.

  • i just want to try KDE plasma 5 :D, so what should i do ?
    antergos doesn’t include KDE 5 when we install it through Cnchi :D, we just have KDE 4.
    I think i have to install my coputer again when i have my internet connect back :D, now i am using 3G shared by my phone :((

  • @daogiahieu

    I made a guide for base to plasma a while back…

    Basic setup from base to plasma:

    First xorg and sound.

     sudo pacman -Syy pulseaudio pulseaudio-alsa xf86-input-synaptics xf86-video-fbdev xf86-video-vesa xorg-apps xorg-fonts xorg-server xorg-server-utils xorg-xinit xorg-xkill mesa mesa-vdpau

    Add pulseaudio-bluetooth to the above list if you want bluetooth support.

    Now Plasma and some essentials.

    sudo pacman -S plasma konsole kate dolphin ark screenfetch reflector gwenview firefox flashplugin

    Turn it on.

    sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager
    sudo systemctl enable sddm
    sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service (If you're using bluetooth)


  • @daogiahieu said:

    i just want to try KDE plasma 5 :D, so what should i do ?..

    You might try a very good Architect Linux project by Carl Duff.

    It allows to install Arch without learning how Linux is configured and works. Ubuntu-, Mint-, Manjaro-, Windows-style.

    Currently Architect installs 18 various DEs and WMs. Plasma 5 included.

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