• Plank icon consistency issue

    Hi everyone,
    I run plank on antergos, and have some launchers “kept in dock”. the problem with a few of the is that when I open them it creates a second dock object, with a different icon, inconsistent with other themes. I wonder if I can change that, especially considering the right icons are on my pc somewhere - e.g. my Qalculate! icon on dock has a numix icon, like I want, but when I open it, a different icon is created

  • @saoded said:

    …the problem with a few of the is that when I open them it creates a second dock object,…

    A second object? That sounds strange. Plank never creates more than one dock item (icon) per application here, independently from the number of launched application’s instances.

    All application’s instances are signed with one highlited dot near the app’s icon in the dock. More instances are launched, more dots are present - but always near the only one application’s icon.

    It doesn’t depend on whether an application is pinned or not to the dock.

    When I launch the first instance of unpinned app, Plank adds its icon, with a highlighted dot, to the dock, at the end of already existing icons. If I launche a 2nd, 3rd instances of the app, Plank doesn not create new cions for the same app - it adds more dots near the only app’s icon in the dock.

    For pinned apps Plank behaves the similar way. The only difference is that it does not create a new icon, when I launch an app pinned to the dock. It simply adds a dot near already existing in the dock app’s icon. If I launch more instances of the same app, new icons are not created. Plank simply incrementss the number of highlighted dots near app’s icon.

    I’ve tried to reproduce the behaviour you describe, but without a success. Plank behaves as expected. Without an issue.

  • That’s not what I meant, if I open 2 qalculates they stack on the same plank object, but it’s not the pinned one

  • @saoded Can you post an image of what happens with your Plank? Otherwise, can’t follow you.

  • 0_1449120393837_2015-12-03--panel-issue.png
    As you can see here, I have a MATLAB dock icon (pink/purple/colourblind) and after clicking it, it opens as if it wasn’t “pinned” there with different icon, the windows stack there, but not on the pinned object. Sorry if the way I phrased it wasn’t so well, I’m not a native English speaker

  • @saoded OK, thanks. If I understand correctly, you’re referring to the doubled MATLAB icon:

    • 1st: the enlarged one, in the center of the dock, with MATLAB label above it (MATLAB pinned to the dock)

    • 2nd: the rightmost one, which is probably corresponds to the running MATLAB instance

    Don’t worry about your English, it’s quite clear.

    Agree with you. The 2nd icon should not appear. Unfortunately, can’t reproduce the issue with the 2nd icon. Plank behaves quite correctly here.

    This is an example of Plank running on Budgie desktop

    $ pacman -Q plank budgie-desktop
    plank 0.10.1-1
    budgie-desktop 8.3-1

    There are four running instances of the same application (Geany). Geany is pinned to Plank.

    • there’s only one Geany icon in the dock (on the left of the screen), with multiple dots, which is correct

    • there are four Geany icons in the Budgie panel (at the top of the screen) - correct

    Plank icons are enlarged to a huge size for readability


    Can’t get a 2nd icon in the dock for any running app, to reproduce the problem.

  • other programs I had this with are sublime-text and qalculate. They’re much simpler to install than MATLAB, So maybe try to recreate the issue with them

  • @saoded

    • avoid inviting people to install software they don’t need to solve other’s problems

    • try it apply these settings. Plank works nicely with them. Double icons never appear.

      1. Plank Config 1/2 = Appearance


      1. Plank Config 2/2 = Behaviour



  • I’m sorry, you really don’t have to do that. I just thought you wanted to recreate it…
    changing my plank settings didn’t help

  • @saoded Don’t worry. Should the issue will ever appears here, I’ll be back to search for a solution along with you.

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