• Just installed a fresh copy of Antergos Xfce 64bit and screen went blank when attempted to login

    Acer 8930G, Core 2 duo, 4GB DDR2, Sandisk 240GB SSD, Nvidia 9700 GeForce 512MB DDR2
    512MB boot, 75GB root, 6GB swap and 152GB home
    Just installed Antergos 64bit xfce and it booted up just fine.
    Screen went blank as soon as I attempted to logon. When I clicked on my username it just go blank. Cannot login at all.

  • @MrRoberts I know this is old, but I get this too. As soon as I click on th login box, it goes black. However, if I type my password and hit enter, it will load. I just have to be quick enough. As far as a fix, not sure. I don’t think it’s related to the DE because after running Xfce I reinstalled and chose Knome, same issue.

  • @Knightr1der : make a new treat… and ad more information…

  • This post is deleted!
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