• gnome-shell google-account offline-sync for calendar-events

    Dear community. :)

    I have a question which is also a slight problem. I am using gnome-online-accounts within Gnome-Shell. So it is synchronising contacts, calendar-events and email.

    So here the question beginns: in case I can not get online, I do not have any calendar-events. The gnome-calendar is empty and so is the drop-down menue on top of the screen.
    Is there a way to keep those events in a local cache?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Sebastian (using gnome-shell 3.18 and newest updates from Antergos)

  • @skydesigner, Question, how do you enable your Gmail account for Gnome?

  • @Caiosama205 (and everybody else):

    Please, ask questions only in English here. There’s a special Spanish subforum if you prefer to ask your questions in Spanish. Thanks!

    (Por favor, haz tus preguntas en inglés. Si quieres hacerlas en castellano tienes otro subforo para ello. Gracias!)

  • @karasu Ok, no problem 👍

  • I did enable it within the system-settings (online-accounts —> google-account).

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