• XFCE is very slow after changes from Gnome

    Re: Use Xfce. Hi everyone, I am facing the issue my window manager is very slow right now i.e XFCE. I am using Gnome before it also slow so I changed that to XFCE but it is even more slow.
    Kindly help what changes are required.
    I installed XFCE by following command
    #sudo pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-goodies --noconfirm --needed --force

  • Maybe try clearing out your journal files.
    See man journalctl for that.
    But first check journalctl --disk-usage
    Idea is not bullet proof to a solution. Only an idea.
    what have you found, if anything, while Googling for this?

  • So this is an interesting issue because GNOME is based on GTK3 where as XFCE is based on GTK2 so having both DEs installed at once could be an issue simply because GNOME is kind of picky about doing that, unless the alternate is just a Window Manager.

    What are the hardware specs of your computer, such as Laptop or Desktop? What processor? Which GPU? How much RAM do you have? Do you use a Hard drive or an SSD?

    The speed of a system can be a crapload of things so we need a bit more information to move forward.

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