• Antergos seems to be looping on installation?

    First Post!
    Just installed Antergos on my desktop. Now I want to install it to my laptop. It is in a console and it seems to be looping. It is saying it (the live DVD) it failed to start Login Service, Network Manager, and Light Display Manager. I know it is not the DVD. When I first burned it it booted fine. I attempted to install (inside of GNOME) and it had an error. I tried a couple more times and came to this issue. I gave up and attempted to use the DVD to install Antergos on my desktop, and it installed fine. I came back to my laptop, only to find this issue still happening. If it worked before on 2 different computers I do not see why it will not work on the first.
    Thanks in advance and sorry if the answer is something obvious.

  • Hi and welcome to our little community 😃

    What are your laptop’s specs?

  • My laptop is an HP EliteBook 6930p. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo and 4 GB of RAM.

  • I have similar issues with my HP Compaq 6820. First of all with the newer kernel the ati mobility 1350 just goes black screen during the live iso boot. when i start with nomodeset it continues but after partitioning and setting user name the installation just crashes with some GTK-error. I have no idea for a workarownd so i hope they fix it soon

  • @bitpolis : Can you post your log? It’s in /tmp/cnchi.log

    It won’t be possible to fix your issue without more information.


  • ok, here is my cnchi.log.
    after looking at the log myself i saw the error appears as i try to format a xfs partition to ext4. I booted a PartedMagic boot-cd and formatad the partition myself. Now the installation continues.

  • @karasu Thank you for the quick response. I hope the log helps make a better installer.

  • @bitpolis : Just a quick question:
    Did you tell the installer to format as xfs and it tried to do it in ext4 or did you tell it to format to ext4 a previously xfs formated partition and it failed to do so?

  • @karasu before installation i had a xfs formated partition (with openSUSE on it) and told the installer to format it to ext4 (from the drop down) and checked the “format partition” box. That’s all.

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