• Onwcloud server on Antergos

    Hi there

    Has anyone ever installed an owncloud server on Antergos ? If yes, how did it go ? Is it stable enough after every update ?

    Thanks for your testimonies ! ;)

  • I did at one point just to play around. Very easy to setup since Owncloud is in the Arch repo.

    Just follow the Arch wiki guide and you’ll be fine 👍 .

  • Thanks @Wyn

    So far I have been using Opensuse as its Yast features are very convenient for administration.
    I am now more skilled in setting up owncloud, so I am ready to switch to amother distribution. I would prefer antergos because it is a rolling release and softwares are more up to date. As I use this PC for both owncloud and as HTPC, I welcome the idea of getting latest software versions.

    One thing though I would like as it is s server is an automatic install of security patch.
    Have you been able to work that out ?

    Thanks for your hints !

  • @squid-f

    I do security updates manually to ensure no issues ocurred.

  • @Wyn Hi

    I found this post by searching around : https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=66822
    I might give it a try, except if someone has a strong bad feeling about it 😏 !

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