• Thanks for going with LightDM by default for Gnome

    I’m just back on Gnome in the past couple of days, after being away from it for awhile.

    I have really never liked GDM much, and in particular I’ve really disliked the “lock shield”.

    I was pleasantly surprised at first boot after a fresh install, to see such a refreshing looking login screen, and was similarly happy to see the lock/unlock screen. Had I been doing the setup myself I would never have thought to step outside of GDM for gnome.

    The nvidia issues almost had me changing to gdm anyway, but I seem to have fixed them with the advice from https://forum.antergos.com/topic/2235/locking-and-switching-user-problems/11

    Anyhow, that’s it. Thanks!

  • LightDm is default for all desktop enviroments 👍 .

  • Ah I didn’t realize that. I was running Plasma5 under Antergos prior to this, but I did this by installing antergos-base then building up from there - and I went with SDDM…

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