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    any ideas when antergos will start using wayland default? i guess this will mean the end of openbox when that happens.

    anyone use it yet and can give experience on it.

  • There’s still work to do to make wayland default… we will push it as far as we can, but as you now, we depend on what Arch does.


  • I was using wayland under gnome 3.x for a while on my laptop, and it was rather smooth. Pros: nice display, no tearing, smooth transitions, picked up my proper resolution.
    Cons: my mouse icon at times would not show up on the screen. Logout/Login fixed it but was annoying. Certain programs aren’t ready for wayland yet or vise versa. Example: Java. I couldn’t get xwayland or wayland to make sense of some java games like Terasology. Maybe it was something I did wrong but they worked fine under X11.

    With some programs having no support for xwayland or wayland I switched back to X11 for productivity purposes. If everything I used worked on Wayland I’d be using it in a heartbeat simply for it’s less bulky design.
    Openbox could in theory work on Wayland but all the programs would have to be ported over for it to work along with several other things such as getting everything running on GTK 3. Same goes for XFCE4. This would take time…
    Development for Wayland might take a while in general.

    So for Antergos to do this they would have to lose XFCE4 and Openbox and replace with maybe Budgie and Maynard? (if Maynard ever goes beyond the raspberry pi) That or they could wait til everyone supports Wayland?
    I like the second idea better. Side note: Sounds like Ubuntu 16.04 might have Mir.

  • @linuxhelmet thanks for the info 👍

    ill probably jump ship from openbox and try out kde once wayland goes more stable. its a real shame the linux community has taken so long to make this step. ya i noticed ubuntu branched off again wants to do their own thing. thanks ubuntu 😠

    from what i have read openbox would need a completely reworked to use wayland.

  • Pretty much. Wayland still seems a long ways off, and who knows maybe Mir will actually be better. I think a lot of distros are in a “wait and see” state before they put all there eggs in one basket. I always saw kde as a resource hog even compared to unity and some of the others. If you want to keep the minimalistic style i3 wayland, enlightenment, or even nemoshell may be a good openbox alternative. Me on the other hand, holding on til all wayland’s bugs are fixed!

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