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    I guess you could say that I am a regular reader on what’ new and interesting at Distrowatch.com
    I saw recently that Antergos is on the news at this well known website. That’s great!
    Here’s a quick rundown on the brief that talks about the distribution:

    Antergos introduces ZFS support
    Antergos The Antergos distribution released a minor update to the project's installation media last week. Though the new media contains just two changes, one of them introduces an interesting new feature: "ZFS kernel modules were added in preparation for ZFS support in Cnchi v0.14." Out of the box support for ZFS, an advanced file system, is rare in Linux distributions. Antergos adopting ZFS opens the door to other interesting features such as file system snapshots, multi-disk storage pools and rolling back broken software updates.

    It is actually a good report to be listed on this very popular website. It helps the distribution’s userbase to grow and gives it also headlines front and center.

    Don’t click here. Your computer will explode!!

  • @Modisc Guess how I choose for Antergos? Exactly, found it on Distrowatch in the ‘new distro list’. Without Distrowatch I didn’t found Antergos. I’m now using Antergos several weeks with pleasure! Before I was using Linux Mint.

    Well, in my opinion is the setup really easy & fast, both distributions installs all you need to start right away using Linux. I need my system every day, I don’t want to configure my system for a week before I can use it (like plain Arch), that’s why Antergos has a good approach!

    I was already fan of Arch, except the amount of setup work, Antergos fixes it.

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