• Enlightenment in Antergos


    Is there any plan to add Enlightenment as a desktop option in Antergos ?
    It seems the development pace has increased lately and it looks promising.

    Thanks for your feedback

  • Hi @squid-f
    Not too sure if you are aware of this;

  • Hi,

    Yes, I had a look at the Arch wiki. What I am wondering is how well integrated and maintained it will be in Antergos ? What about softwares and dependencies ? Is this AUR package enough ?

    Thanks for your support

  • Hi.
    I guess the best possible answer I could supply for you, is that since Antergos uses the Arch repos, it’s maintenance is subject to the repos there. Since Arch itself is a rolling release distribution, you would expect updates quite frequently.

    Since Arch based systems (and others similar ) are what one would consider " truly rolling (versus pseudo-rolling) distribution that is an independent rolling distribution which is not based on a development branch of a ‘parent’ distribution" Wikipedia

    From the Arch Wiki: Official Repositories

    Packages in the official repositories are constantly upgraded: when a package is upgraded, its old version is removed from the repository. There are no major Arch releases: each package is upgraded as new versions become available from upstream sources. Each repository is always coherent, i.e. the packages that it hosts always have reciprocally compatible versions.

    Finally, you should be aware that having the latest version of all your Enlightenment related softwares may sound good, but it’s often not as beneficial as you might think. You should be ready to deal with breakages when they come and be familiar with the Arch Wiki (that is, have it as one of your bookmarks).

    If you would rather not troubleshoot stuff, then fixed release versions of other OS that offer that particular DE, might be more for you with each update bug that crops up.

    I hope that was helpful.
    So as the French say, "Bon chance!! " :)

  • @Modisc Hi

    thanks for your thorough answer regarding the maintenance. I don’t mind troubleshooting a little but I don’t have the competence and time to develop.
    I use Antergos with Gnome and I have been able to manage the recent upgrades. So, I am not worried about Antergos bleeding edge spirit and the rolling release side of it. Arch wiki is indeed helpful.

    What I appreciate though is the packaging made by Antergos to ease the user life. A desktop theme (with Numix) and a set of software are proposed in order to be quickly up and running.
    What I would like to avoid by installing Enlightenment myself, is to have to spend lot of time to understand all the modules and software needed to get a usable environment. It is what I meant by asking the question about integration and dependencies. Having read the Arch wiki, it seems network manager, terminal, settings modules,… need to be installed one by one. If it is the case, I will not go for it. If the enlightenment package proposes some kind of package as dependency, I will give it try.

    Hope you understand better my question.

    Thanks for you support.

  • Hi,

    It doesn’t seem like it but nowadays Enlightenment is very easy to install.
    You should install these packages:

    connman (Network-manager replacement)
    econnman (UI interface for connman)
    rage (video player)
    terminology (terminal)

    Some of these packages were added to our repository.
    Our intention is to add Enlightenment and LXQT to our DE options in Cnchi… but these days we have other priorities on our TODO list, I’m afraid.

    Oh, as a side note, I’ve been using Enlightenment for the last three months and I’m really happy with it. My computer flies and I also have some nice visual effects. There’s a VERY annoying bug, though. Sometimes my windows stop answering to my keyboard… I can work with my mouse but it’s annoying anyways. It’s very random and I do not know how to reproduce it to report it upstream.


  • @karasu Thanks for your feedback. I think then I am going to be patient and wait for it in Cnchi.
    My Antergos install is quite stable even if Gnome 3.18 upgrade has disturbed it a little bit, but nothing really blocking.

    Thanks for your awesome work !

  • @karasu said:

    It doesn’t seem like it but nowadays Enlightenment is very easy to install.

    Hi @karasu

    Finally, I’m going to give it a try :)

    To install enlightenment afterwards what DE should I chose first during the Antergos install ? Base ? Openbox ? Anything else ?

    Thanks a lot for your guidance !

  • @squid-f :

    It really doesn’t matter. If you want to have another DE as a fallback, Openbox is a nice option. If you’re brave, just install Base and build up Enlightenment from it.


  • @karasu Hi

    What is the way you have chosen to start enlightenment ?

    In Arch wiki, it is proposed either to change the display manager config or to start it manually configuring .xinitc file.

    What is the best way ? How to do it my changing lightDM setup (it is not described in the wiki or I am not knowledgeable enough to understand - sorry 😕 ).

    Thanks for your support !

  • Hi,

    I use lightDM without any issues. Just select it in the left combo box (where all DE’s appear).


  • @karasu Hi

    So, I installed Antergos Openbox on an empty partition. Then, I installed enlightenment, connman, econnman, rage, terminology. polkit-gnome was already here.

    I succeeded to boot on it. However, I wonder whether there is a conflict with Openbox ?
    Econnman claims connman is not installed but it is.
    I cannot install any additional software with pacman. After selecting the package I want to install (thunderbird for instance), I get an authentication error.

    Any idea ? Should I rather try to install enlightenment from a base install instead of Openbox ? Do you know a tuto for that ?

    Thanks !

  • Hi,

    1. Are you sure connman is installed? It conflicts with Network-manager, so pacman will install it only if you allow it.

    2. I’m sure that pacman error is unrelated to Enlightenment. Can you please put here exactly what it throws to you?

    Meanwhile, try this:

    sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring antergos-keyring
    sudo pacman-key --init 
    sudo pacman-key --populate archlinux antergos
    sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys


    P.S. Reinstalling BASE and then installing Enlightenment won’t tell you what is wrong know, so you won’t learn anything. Keep it as a last resource 👍

  • @karasu Hi

    here below it seems connman is installed. Do you confirm ?

    Then, here is the pacman error (sorry, I can’t install software and I haven’t found how to edit image with Enlightenment base package) :

    I am going now to try your command lines.

    Cheers ;)

  • Hi again

    I just tried your command lines but nothing changed.
    In fact, it seems the issue is I don’t get the pop-up window asking for my password before starting the installation ; as it does on my Gnome session.

    Thanks a lot for your support

  • Hi,

    Then, install gnome-keyring (run pacman in a terminal, do not use pamac) :
    sudo pacman -S gnome-keyring

    If it still does not work, follow this:


  • @karasu Hi

    I did the 2 things (gnome-keyring install and Arch wiki hack) but it doesn’t work still.
    I notice I have some XFCE application like tuhnar ; is it normal ?

    I have other strange things. When I click on preference in pacman, nothing happens. Firewall option cannot be launched as well.

    Any idea ?


  • Hi,

    You can try to install seahorse.

    Open a terminal and run pacman there.

  • @karasu Hi

    I solved the issue by launching gnome services at start up, especially related to key and password management.

    Enlightenment is a beautiful DE with lot of features. It is also very fast / reactive ; impressive !
    Installing it from scratch requires many tweaks and additional packages though. I am still not done.
    I don’t know why but I have inherited XFCE package as well (LX term, thunar,…). Is it because I installed Openbox first as a base ?

    Anyway, I am not sure I am going to make it my primary desktop yet as I am not confident my install is really clean and robust.
    But I can bet if you start deploying it with the awesome integration in Antergos we are used to, it is going to rock and to be adopted by many many users !

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