• Nvidia and Xorg problem since the last update

    There was an upgrade on Sunday. If I recall correctly, it contained both xorg updates as well as updates for the nvidia driver. After this update I was not able to start X (lightdm tries to turn on a few times but then just crashes.)

    I kinda worked around that issue by downgrading, though.

  • @Tamius-Han Please, don’t be harsh. Avoid using a strong lexic.

    There are many other different ways to express disappointment or satisfaction.

  • I think my problems are because of this same thing. Could you tell which packages did you downgrade and how?

  • After a kernel or nvidia update (or both) you should make a habit of running the following command and then reboot:

    sudo mkinitcpio -p linux

    Let us know if you still have trouble.

  • @lots-0-logs
    That is actually a very good suggestion. One that I never really was aware of that after a kernel or graphics driver update, to sudo mkinitcpio -p linux update until now.

    As a consideration for future plans for Antergos userbase, do you think that it would prudent or might be included for an automatic message displayed for that user, to do so? For example, when a new locale.conf or pacman.conf update, normally there will be a brief message for the user to update said file and it’s location if needing to be know.
    Could same be addressed for this scenario (s)?

  • @Modisc We plan to make situations like this known to the user in the new GUI package manager we are working on. Basically, packages will be assigned a system stability risk rating based on how likely it is that updating the package will affect system stability ( and would require reboot). Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to work on it lately due to my schedule but I still have every intention of finishing it (when I can)

  • Ahh yes, this is when my headache started as well. I remember running the updated and booting up to a black screen with cursor.

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