• Configure UEFI/GPT-Based Hard Drive Partitions

    I have bought a Dell XPS 13 (9350) to get back into Linux after some 10 years, and I need input on the partition scheme for UEFI hardware. From what I understood, one would need a small boot partition at the beginning of the SSD. I have read several instructions, but I am confused as to how this boot partition needs to be setup. Some create a 100MB EF00 partition that doesn’t get mounted while others create FAT partition that get mounted to /boot/efi.

    My planned partition scheme is as follows:
    /boot 512MB EXT4
    / (root) 20GB EXT4
    SWAP 10GB swap
    /var 15GB reiserfs
    /home rest EXT4

    Should I create a 100MB EF00 partition or a 512MB /boot/efi FAT partition? If latter then I would have an additional 512MB /boot EXT4 partition, which sounds weird to me.

    Any input and/or comments to my partition scheme is appreciated. Thanks much!!!

  • Hi,

    I am not an expert but I can share my experience after having tested many distributions and read a few post on this matter.

    /boot/efi seems to be mandatory on UEFI systems. It has to be FAT formatted and limited in size.
    Separating /boot and /var seems to be for specific purposes (downgrading for instance ?).
    Your swap looks huge to me. What is the amount of RAM you have ?

    The following link is interesting https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Partitioning

    My own partition scheme is (not saying it is the absolute reference) :

    • /boot/efi FAT 256Mo
    • /boot FAT 256Mo
    • / EXT4 50Go
    • /swap 5Go (I have 4Go RAM and I hibernate the system sometimes to time)
    • /home XFS the rest of my drive

    Here is my humble testimony.

  • @squid-f Many thanks for your feedback! The laptop is the i5, 8GB, 256 GB, and since I want to hibernate the system, I believe 10GB Swap is needed. With the boot/efi partition being FAT, I assume the /boot could be EXT4? Thanks again!

  • @Reha Hi

    /boot might even be ext2 or ext3 (might be less resource consuming according to what I have read, but I am not an expert). I kept it FAT because I am afraid of compatibility issue with dual boot ; might not be needed but I prefer playing safe ! 😏

  • Thank you! Here is the partition scheme for my laptop with 8GB Ram and 256GB SSD.

    1. /boot/efi
      size: 256MB / type: ef00 / mkfs.vfat
    2. /boot
      size: 512MB / type: 83 / mkfs.ext4
    3. swap
      size:10GB / type: 82
    4. / (root)
      size: 20GB / type: type:83 / mkfs.ext4
    5. /var
      size: 15GB / type: type:83 / mkfs.reiserfs
    6. /home
      size: Rest / type: type:83 / mkfs.ext4

    Thanks again!

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