• Cinnamon panel

    I can´t get any panel in cinnamon and if I create a new one it becomes invisible right away!
    I have follwed the steps from the 24 of October.
    Has anyone got panel to work?


  • Hi.
    Sorry, but what do you mean by the steps from 24 October?

    You should be able to set the settings you want by cinnamon-settings panel
    I am not too sure but were you aware of a Wiki page for Cinnamon? Cinnamon

    Do you have all your modules for that DE?
    From the Arch Wiki : pacman -Ql cinnamon | awk -F'[_.]' '/cs_.+\.py/ {print $2}'
    Have you looked inside your ~/.xinitrc ?

  • Hello and thanks for interest!
    I read this link https://antergos.com/blog/category/package-advisories/
    Everthing is installed and “cinna-wiki” does not address my problem what I can see. I have multiple DEs therefore no ~/xinit but created user just for Cinnamon.

  • Ok. I see what you mean now by the date you mentioned. Hmm. That is unusual. I did see that the package advisory is ongoing. Meaning that it is under review/update/ further configuration, etc…
    You mentioned that you installed the python2-ptyprocess

    I am sorry, womp. I think that I will have to defer this to one of the devs or someone else who may be a bit more familiar with this than I would be.
    I would expect that once that package is installed, all would be good to go.

  • Hello again!
    I was just starting to think that I probably have to wait for this matter to be solved before I can start to use Cinnamon again.
    After your answer I am sure of it! I thank you for your interest.


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