• Cinnamon 2.8

    When the update to 2.8 will be available? Is was released 2 weeks ago :)

  • It’s in [community-testing] now.

  • And when it will be released to all?

  • If nothing comes up, packages tend to spend two weeks (more or less) in testing before going to “stable”. But this is not always true, I’m afraid. Also, for big updates (like a DE update) it can take a lot more.


  • Looks like it went live today.

  • Affirmative

    $ cinnamon-session --version
    cinnamon-session 2.8.2
  • @just Yep got the same version now, working like a charm. But what’s new :P?

  • @karasu

    I won’t lie that sound applet looks sweet.

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