• No Power/Suspend settings in Gnome 3.18.3 ?

    Tweak tool only have a Do not hibernate if laptop lid is closed.
    Gnome Settings only have automatic suspend after x time on battery and AC.

    Before, i would set to ask what to do when i push the power button of my laptop…

    1. For the power management settings to take effect you have to
      a) either disable the Gnome power settings and enable the light locker settings instead. You can then manage your settings via the light locker settings tool, indtead
      b) switch from lightDM to gdm
      sudo pacman -S gdm
      sudo systemctl disable ligtdm
      sudo systemctl enable gdm
    2. If you want to hibernate, there is this extention you can add to the tweak tool.
    3. The suspend button is…well hidden in gnome. Hit the top left corner icon (as if you were to shutdown). Then, hit the alt button. The shutdown button becomes a suspend button and you are done…
  • Gnome power setting already disabled by default.
    lightlocker don’t have a setting for the power button. (ex. when pressed, asked what to do instead of always suspend).

    I’ll keep the default for now, thanks anyway!

    I managed to like LightDM because it’s … light. :)

  • Look at this extention which adds a suspend button next to the shutdown one…

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