• SOLVED Online accounts not working?

    Hi. Using latest Antergos, Gnome desktop. I have Online Accounts activated, linking to my Google services. I have all boxes checked. But neither Contacts nor Calendar is syncing to Google. Is there something else I should be doing? Thanks.

  • A reboot solved the problem.

  • That is pretty weird that it did not sync right away. I am not too sure how a reboot would have solved this for you but it did so that is great!
    Well, if a reboot got it going for you, wonderful. You have the option to mark your thread as SOLVED if you like. :)

  • Thanks! It isn’t obvious how to mark it as solved. Do I just edit the subject line? I’ve looked all over the screen for something that says “Mark as solved,” but dang it, can’t find it. How do I do this? Thanks.

  • Just edit the title from UNSOLVED to SOLVED.
    Not all the thread options have this. There is also the lower-right selection to mark as SOLVED if it is available, that is.

  • Thanks – will do!

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