• Applications menu extension menu not showing anything on "Sound and Video" category

    After an installation of a program for burn CDs called K3B, the Applications menu extension is not showing anything on “Sound and Video” category :( what happened?Captura de pantalla de 2015-11-18 22-41-13.png (The mouse pointer is in the black arrow)

  • @Caiosama205 Hi, try restarting GNOME Shell: Alt+F2>>r>>enter

  • hi @lots-0-logs , it doesn´t work :/

  • https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/6/applications-menu/

    I guess is not only my problem

    I’m using Gnome 3.18 on Ubuntu 15.10 64bits and no icon appears in some categories. Wine , Audio / Video and System Too
    5 days ago

    I doesnt show any Applications in “Graphics”
    15 days ago

  • Probably thanks to an update, the extension now shows all the categories with icons. :)

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