• Remove Oneko white box

    Hi everyone, I recently installed Antergos with Openbox and just for fun installed the oneko package (from the AUR). However, a white box (black for oneko -rv) appears. I guess the solution should be simple, but I couldn’t find any documentation mentioning that.
    I did read that there is a SHAPE expansion that should be used by default, but I don’t know if it’s has to do with it or how to make sure I have+use it.
    Does anyone know that problem?

  • @saoded what does this even do? never heard of it.

  • @megaman It’s a lovely cat walking around the screen (either following your mouse or sitting atop application windows). I didn’t have this problem on xubuntu, or arch with xfce on a virtual machine, it made me suspect it has something to do with the openbox, but I really have no clue

  • @saoded you could be right. could be openbox related.

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