• How to change language?

    How to change system language?

    I’m using Bahasa Indonesia as default language by mistake. And want to change it.
    But i can’t find other language in setting.


  • @Zifor-Syahid Hi, which desktop are you using?

  • @Zifor-Syahid Please, provide some more info:

    1. What DE are you using?

    2. What do you mean with “system language”? Is it

      • the language used in GUI
      • the language used in VTs (terminal)
      • used keyboad layout(s)
    3. Does the physical keyboard layout correspond to the (new) language you’d like to use?

    4. Do you want to keep more than one language in the system, or just substitute one language with another?

    5. Can you indicate the locale for your current language, Bahasa Indonesia? It’s a string that looks like en_US.UTF-8 .

    6. With what new locale would you like to substitute the current one?

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