• Cinnamon Window list applet problem

    Just installed Antergos with Cinnamon after using LMDE Cinnamon and have a problem with window list applet that I didn’t have on LMDE (also CInnamon 2.8). Window list is only using left half of the panel, so when I open more windows they all are getting small and on the left, right side is empty. When click on panel edit I see that there is green square in the middle of the panel which is unable to move or right click on it. Temporary solution is to check “Window buttons can have different sizes and use entire space available” in applet configuration. Then it uses whole panel, but all apps have different size and it’s ugly.

  • @blast-beat said:


    Are you sure that you were using Cinnamon 2.8 on LMDE? AFAICT, LMDE is still using Cinnamon 2.6 with 2.8 planned to be released by the end of this month.

  • @blast-beat said:

    Just installed Antergos with Cinnamon…

    A freshly installed Antergos-Cinnamon is affected by a mysterious issue with applets working bad in the panel. The first thing to do after installing Antergos-Cinnamon is to reset panel’s applets to default settings:


    After that, Window List applet in Antergos-Cinnamon manages any number of open windows without a problem:


  • @lots.0.logs said:

    …AFAICT, LMDE is still using Cinnamon 2.6 with 2.8 planned to be released by the end of this month.

    That’s for traditional numbered LinuxMint releases. LMDE receives new software faster. Cinnamon 2.8 has arrived in it some time ago:

    LMDE 2 Betsy
    $ uname -a && cinnamon-session --version
    Linux alexmdc.net 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt7-1 (2015-03-01) x86_64 GNU/Linux
    cinnamon-session 2.8.2
  • @lots.0.logs
    Yes, I’m sure, they put it in a repo just few days afres offical release

    Already tried with that, also with adding new panel and adding empty panel, that green square in panel edit mode is still present and is making all this fuss.

    EDIT: Haven’t tried with deleting whole cinnamon settings folder, must try it when I’m at that computer later today.

  • @blast-beat said:

    …that green square in panel edit mode is still present and is making all this fuss…

    Oops, sorry, didn’t get quite well your OP.

    Yes, the (strange) green square is always present in the center of the panel, while in Edit mode. But it’s like it wasn’t. Even when it’s present, any applet may be moved from the left to the right, or vice versa, placed anywhere on the panel.

    Once you exit from Edit mode, the green square disappears.

    If the Window List applet is placed on the left, windows buttons in the panel extends up to the right edge of the panel. They don’t stop at the center of the panel.

    Only when applets on the right edge are reached, window buttons in the panel start to become smaller. Which is the normal Window List applet’s behaviour.

    Could you post an image of what happens on your screen?

  • It looked like there is some border in the middle so window buttons behaved like the should only when panel is full. But I deleted .cinnamon folder and now everything is ok, so I can’t send you a picture. So if anyone else has the problem, delete .cinnamon folder and reboot your machine (or only cinnamon).

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