• Antergos GRUB still displaying after uninstall

    I was using Antergos but had a hibernation issue. When I tried to fix it, I managed to really screw up the whole machine. So I deleted all my linux partitions including my boot partition, but apparently I had set that to be the same partition Win10’s boot program was on.

    So after a tedious day of finally recovering Win10, I have decided I want to give Antergos its own HDD and Win10 the other HDD. However when I was picking my boot option today to install Antergos, I noticed that I still had Antergos GRUB installed. When selected it took me to Windows… so it is clearly still pointing at the Win10 boot partition.

    First, will this affect my installation this time around? Second, how do I get rid of it?

  • @qspec Hi, if you want to be able to dual-boot between Windows and Antergos then you must install Grub. You should mount your existing EFI partition as /boot/efi when installing Antergos again. (just don’t format the partition!)


  • Cool, I’ll do that to get up and running again.

    Quick question though:

    Further inspect on my HDD shows that the Antergos GRUB option appears even when no HDD are plugged in.

    1. How do I clear this?
    2. If I have to uninstall Linux for some reason, how do I do so such that I don’t also lose Win10’s boot .
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