• Format EFI USB Drive?

    Not sure what subforum to put this in, but I have a flash drive that was recently formatted to HTF+ so I could bring home source files from a recording session at a studio. My Windows PC wouldn’t read the drive, so I put it in my Antergos laptop and copied the files, with the idea of formatting the flash drive and moving them over to the Windows computer.

    But, I can’t seem to format the drive properly without errors. I can’t write to the drive in Linux now, even after formatting with gParted.

    So, what is some command line magic I can use to properly “reset” a USB flash drive? Maybe something equivalent to this:


    Thing is, I already did these commands in Windows but Antergos is still giving me fits to write to the drive, whether it is exFAT or NTFS formatted.

    Any ideas?

  • …and after rebooting the laptop, I can read/write the drive just fine… Still… That was weird…

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