• Nvidia Driver Tweaking

    so im looking to tweak my nvidia driver setup. im getting some weird graphic tearing from time to time recently.

    1. should i remove the opensource stuff? mesa and nouveau? i shouldnt need it installed on the system anymore right?

    2. does anyone make any additional tweaks for the official nvidia driver?


  • @megaman

    Do not worry about having the open stuff installed, it’s not a problem anymore (but check that you have nouveau blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d or in /etc/modules-load.d)


  • @karasu my /etc/modprobe.d has a nouveau.conf and has options nouveau modeset=1 inside

    /etc/modules-load.d is empty.

    would it hurt to remove all the opensource stuff since i dont need it?

  • ok i might have got the tearing figured out.

    deleted nouveau.conf and created new file blacklist.conf

    blacklist nouveau
    options nouveau modeset=0

    seems to have helped so far.

    amazingly there is not a lot of guides on this what should be a simple task. i swear video drivers on linux continue to be a huge pain in the azzzzzz

    hopefully we can get a guide together for the antergos wiki.

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